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16 Suspects.
1 Murderer.
Only you can solve it...

COLD TAPES is an innovative, first-of-its-kind audio experience. It’s part podcast, part murder mystery game; an audio whodunnit competition where you can play detective.

Set on an Antarctic research base during a dark and desolate 'winter over', British behavioural scientist Andrew 'Drew' Fairfield has been found murdered. There are 16 people left on the base and the murderer must be one of them.

Your job is to solve the crime.

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How to Play

DCI Tessa McCallister and her team have been gathering evidence into the murder of behavioural scientist Andrew ‘Drew’ Fairfield.

This includes the victim’s audio diaries, research and voice notes, secret recordings of life on the base and subsequent police interview tapes and audio evidence files. You’ll need to immerse yourself in these files, piece together the clues and whittle down the 16 suspects to find the murderer.

Evidence files are released every week on Spotify, Apple and all major podcast platforms. And if you don’t want to wait, you can subscribe to COLD TAPES to get all the evidence immediately.

The murderer will be revealed by DCI Tessa McCallister on Monday 9th September.

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